Organic Container Gardening

Organic Container Gardening

You would either have to not eat vegetables or live under a rock to have not heard about the latest produce growing craze. Of course, this is in reference to organic gardening. With more and more reports and studies being released on the dangers of pesticides and fertilizers, many people are making the switch to buying or growing their own organic vegetables. However, the idea of trying to grow produce purely organic can seem a little daunting when starting out. The perfect place to start is with organic container gardening as it’s on a much smaller scale and you can control the growing environment easier. Container gardening is a great option for trying your hand at this healthy way to provide natural and organic fruit and vegetables for your family.

The first step to getting started is to choose your container. It can be surprising the amount of produce that can be grown in a small container. You can choose just about any container you want. Galvanized steel and ceramic pots are popular, however organic advocates will usually suggest choosing untreated wood or another natural material for your container garden for a truly organic gardening experience. Deciding on what soil to use is important for the health of your crop. Aged compost mixed with sand or perlite is an excellent choice and helps to promote proper drainage. You could even buy a pre-made potting mix. Just be sure that it doesn’t contain any added fertilizer as it is considered a no go in the organic container gardening world.

The biggest problem most gardeners experience when trying to grow plants organically is determining the best options for pesticides and fungicides as commercial products are generally full of chemicals and not considered organic. We have compiled a list of homemade natural pesticides and fungicides sprays that you can make yourself. Our recommendation is to use a neem oil spray if required and plant chrysanthemums in the same container or within close proximity.

Organic Container GardeningJust about any plant is fair game to add to your organic container gardening experiment. Some people like to go with a theme in their containers. Perhaps a container with a “Pizza Night” theme where you could grow oregano, basil, and tomatoes that are common ingredients on a pizza. If you want to start with something that’s easier to grow, there are numerous plants that you may want to consider that thrive in containers. In the lettuce category, Merlot is a red variety and Deer Tongue is beautiful and healthy with its fancy shaped leaves. Peppers of all varieties do well in this environment. For beauty as well as food, consider the many types of edible flowers. They could be planted in a hanging basket or in a quaint window box and provide a decorative element to your home. The possibilities really are endless.

As more people are exposed to the idea of eating healthier, chemical free produce, this type of gardening is rapidly gaining in popularity. Learning what works well for you and your family is the first step to a tasty future. Organic container gardening is easy to do, inexpensive to begin, and a reward all on its own. Imagine your satisfaction when you cook your first meal with organic vegetables brought to the table with your own hands.

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