Indoor Herb Container Gardening

Imagine for a moment the wonderful aromas wafting out of your kitchen when you cook with fresh herbs. It may be Grandma’s marinara sauce or that delicious Indian recipe your co-worker gave you. Regardless, there is something special about the way fresh herbs make the food smell and taste. Herbs are often expensive in the supermarket especially when they are fresh. An excellent way to enjoy the flavors you love and save on the expense is to grow your own herbs. Indoor herb container gardening is relatively easy when you have a few tricks up your sleeve.

Make sure any containers you are planning to use go well with the decor of your home. Herbs are pretty plants anyway and a well chosen pot will be beautiful addition in your home. Once you have your pot or pots chosen, it is a good idea to add some bark chips and stones to the bottom of your container. Herbs like a lot of aeration and usually respond well to this method. As far as the type of soil to use, a loose mixture is best. Compact soil makes it difficult for the roots to grow properly.

The easiest way to plant your herbs is to place some soil to the bottom of the container, then add the plants, and fill the pot the rest of the way. In order to eliminate any confusion, on which herb is which, put the information on a stick in the soil of the pot. Indoor herb container gardening is a simple project that will add a new appreciation for cooking and growing your own seasonings.

There are few other tips that will help ensure your indoor herb container gardening experience is a success. Remember that herb plants need an average of ten to twelve hours of sunlight a day. If this isn’t possible, your best course of action is to purchase a grow light to provide what the plants need. Fertilizer is important to most plants, however since your herbs will be indoors they probably won’t need much. Refer to the information tag for the specific requirements of each herb. Finally, while bugs can certainly be a problem even in indoor conditions, be cautious about using pesticides. If you don’t want to eat it, then don’t use it. If you do have a problem with pests, you may wish to look at a homemade natural pesticide spray.

Indoor herb container gardening is an excellent way to add color and flavor to your home and food. It is a rare thing to be able to enjoy fresh herbs any time of the year. With your own private collection to choose from, you won’t lack flavor in your cooking again.

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