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Container Garden Ideas

Due to lack of time, space, and experience, many people give up on the idea of having a garden of their own. They feel that gardening just won’t fit into their lives no matter how much the thought of growing their own plants interests them. Fortunately there is a way to experience the joy of gardening without investing a lot time or money. Container gardening is an excellent way to participate in this enriching hobby. Flowers, vegetables, and decorative grasses are all good options for this type of gardening. As a matter of fact, any plant that grows in a traditional garden or flowerbed will generally do just fine in a container. You will just need to ensure that the container is large enough for the type of plant you wish to grow. The most important thing is to come up with an idea for your container garden.

One container gardening idea that has enjoyed a large amount of popularity is container landscaping, which is where you use containers to create walls, borders, barriers or rooms in your outdoor area, giving it functionality, practicality and privacy. Any container with proper drainage holes will do the trick. Some people have opted to plant small evergreen trees in their pots for a simple, elegant decoration in front of the entrance to their homes. Assorted flowering plants make a beautiful display as well. Plants that hang over the edges of the container create visual interest. Your creations could be placed on a patio, deck, or balcony for you to enjoy with family and friends.

Many types of vegetables will thrive in a container garden. Due to the space required for them to thrive, you may want to make sure vegetables like squash and pole beans have enough room to spread out as they are both very leafy and have a lot of vines. By creating your own vegetable container garden, you can save the hassle of having to buy grocery store produce, which is often low quality. There is nothing like right off the vine fresh vegetables. Chefs and picky home cooks often choose to grow their own produce for this reason.

It isn’t necessary to leave fruit out of your possible container gardening ideas either. Dwarf fruit tree varieties will usually work best in containers due to the smaller amount of soil to draw nutrients from. In the regions that stay warm year round, citrus trees grow well. Gardeners in other areas may want to stay with fruit trees like apple, pear, and cherry which are better suited to colder climates. An indoor or outdoor container gardening idea would be to grow strawberries. Climate doesn’t matter with these because they can be brought inside when the weather turns cold. Imagine harvesting ripe, delicious strawberries off your own plants as opposed to purchasing the bland, tasteless ones in the supermarket.

Coming up with your own, unique container gardening ideas is only limited by your imagination. Make a list of all the types of fruit, vegetables and herbs that you eat regularly, or even ones that are purchased as a luxury, and start researching whether they would be suitable for your climate and space available. Once you have narrowed down your ideas, take the plunge and create your own container garden. Check out our article Introduction to Container Gardening to get started and you will soon be reaping the fruits of your labor.

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