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Gardening is a rewarding hobby that people all over the world find great delight and joy in doing. One of the best parts about gardening is that you can also enjoy the fruits of your labor while also bringing a sense of warmth and colour to your home. It’s one of the best ways to get outside and experience the fresh air and it can even be a great source of exercise at the same time. Sitting down and relaxing in your front or back yard, putting your feet up and looking at the spectacular masterpiece you have created is a wonderful feeling, and it’s an even better one if gardening is your passion and something you love to do anyway.

Here at My Easy Gardening there are lots of great gardening tips for beginners just starting out on their gardening journey. Remember that it is possible to create a beautiful garden, whether you have a large or tiny piece of land, or even just an apartment balcony. We hope to provide a range of gardening tips and advice to make your gardening experience pleasurable and successful and start you off on your journey that will surely last a lifetime.

The best gardening tip we can give to beginners who are just starting out is to start small but think big! For your first foray into gardening, we recommend not starting a gardening project that will take weeks or even months to complete, as this is a guaranteed way to become frustrated and upset. It really is amazing how much a person can plant in eighty to a hundred square feet. If you are wanting to take on a larger project, divide it into smaller sections and work on one at a time. You can enjoy each section as you complete it, build up your confidence and feel positive about the next area you are going to work on. Remember, a smaller garden is far easier to manage, especially as you start to learn the necessary basics and secrets on disease, weed and pest control, fertilizing requirements and watering needs.

Once you have the skills and confidence, you can always go back and either redesign or replant the existing gardens, make them larger or even create new ones somewhere else. The pleasure of gardening never ends, and we can guarantee that you will soon be finding many new gardening projects to try around your home.

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